| Communication in a changing world

Nobody knows your business as well as you.
Nobody cares about your business as much as you!
However …

How long is it since you stepped back to consider how your customers see you?

Can you view your business, and what it offers, through your customers eyes?

  • You may not be the best person to realise the impression you give your customers. You can only stand back so far!
Who is your business talking to and how?

Are you spending time where your customers are?

  • It is no longer enough to be the best at what you do – you need to communicate that effectively to your potential customers through the most appropriate channels.
  •  With so many different options, you may want help deciding which media suit your business most and how to maximise your efforts.
  • Social media is not a fad, it’s where your customers are talking right now! Make sure they are talking about and to you.
The economic climate means you need to be sharper to get and keep your customers – when did you last step back and have a look at your marketing messages – if you think they might need a refresh or refocus

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| The Look-Afresh approach
  • Help you spend time where your customers are – Social Media
  • Create new ways of communicating  – video
  • Help you get a clear vision of your customer – creation of Avatars
  • Look with a fresh pair of eyes on all your existing publicity materials

Whether your business and it’s communication needs a tweak, a re-fresh or refocussing, it is always done better with the help of a fresh pair of eyes.

“Look Afresh worked with us to transform our Coffeemat Challenge sales materials. Cait was thorough and her keen eye for detail and the target audience was instrumental in producing new documents that brought in much needed new business.”

Chris Keegan – MD, Evans Finch Ltd

Cait offers her tool kit, experience, advice and network on a per-hour basis to achieve maximum IMPACT while keeping your costs down. It’s like having a communications strategist, PR specialist and Social Media consultant at your beckoning. Use her as much or as little as you need, depending on your calendar and business needs.


| A fresh pair of eyes
Cait Daniels

Sometimes hidden away in the public sector is someone with initiative, creativity and fantastic communication skills.

Sometimes with a little magic (or marrying a magician!) that person can find themselves bringing those years of experience – in understanding people, seeing the world through their eyes and communicating with them in a way that works – to the area of business promotion and communication.

Cait Daniels is just such a person and will happily discuss the ways she can bring her unique focus to help your business flourish.


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